A Halloween PSA


Halloween store are popping up, which means that no matter how offensive you find the costumes, DO NOT harass the employees or make their lives miserable by defacing merchandise. They are seasonal, minimum wage workers and attacking them gets you nowhere.

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The flowers, from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.


And we don’t know just where our bones will rest. To dust I guess

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Robert Smith, Ireland, 1987 Robert was staying out in Ireland and I went out there to show him the artwork for The Cure In Orange film. He said, “Bring a camera”, so I took a polaroid camera because he likes to approve stuff there and then. I took him round the grounds of this old ruined castle in the freezing cold and we took loads of pictures. He was incredibly relaxed – they’re not posed, we didn’t work that way.
From Obscure : The Cure by Andy Vella(x)

My anaconda don’t want none unless you got lumps, hun!




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